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Payment Procedure

Policy for Deposits:

There are several ways to make deposits for fees and charges at Premier University. These include:

1. Depositing cash over the counter at any branch of United Commercial Bank Ltd (UCB) with an advising pay slip.

2. Using any bank's pay order (By manual payment system)

3. Making an online payment through the UNET Internet Banking system or by submitting a BEFTN request from any bank branch across the country.

4. Using the bKash payment gateway (for admission payments and other fees.)

5. Using the SSL gateway.

Name of Banks:

For direct deposits, cash or pay order can be deposited to the following banks through an Advising slip (Student portal) or Manual Deposit Slip:

1. United Commercial Bank Ltd (Any Branch) (Cash or Pay Order)

2. Any scheduled Bank of Bangladesh (Pay Order)

For online payments, depositing fees and charges can be done through the Internet Banking system or by submitting a BEFTN request. The following details may be required:

Beneficiary Name/ Account Title: Premier University

Bank Name: United Commercial Bank Ltd

Account Number: 1422301000000310

Branch Name: Chittagong Medical College Branch, Chittagong

Routing No: 245152021

After making the payment, students must send an email (accounts@puc.ac.bd) with the BEFTN Payment Transaction details, including the student's name and ID, payment confirmation details, and sender information. 

N.B.: The deposit will not be updated unless this information is provided.

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